UX Forms helps launch new Advance Care Planning tool

The Planning Ahead tool’s landing page

What is Advance Care Planning?

Most of us have no idea what medical decisions it would be wise to discuss with our loved ones and plan ahead for. This tool explains the kinds of decisions many people wish they had prepared for, and it gives you the various options to think about.

Why UX Forms?

The Planning Ahead tool is, at the heart of it, a series of questions with supporting information. Each question sets out a scenario and invites the audience to consider their preference for how that could be handled.

Example question from the Planning Ahead tool
A typical question exploring preferences in a given scenario

How did we do it?

The look and feel of the service had already been developed, so the first thing was for us to translate that into a new Theme in UX Forms. A theme is a set of templates which give form authors complete control over the html, css and javascript used for each individual UI component. This meant we were able to re-use all of the assets created for the initial prototype and keep 100% fidelity with the desired look-and-feel.

A typical page within the Planning Ahead journey. In this case, explaining what CPR is and then prompting to think about under what circumstances you might to receive it.
The implementation in UX Forms for that same CPR section. We can see it is mostly made up of Headings and Paragraphs, with a single Radio Group towards the end for the actual question.
The print view of the final stage of the form, which can also be downloaded as a PDF
The print view of the last stage of the form, which can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Don’t just take our word for it

Want to know more?

Come have a look around https://uxforms.com, follow UX Forms on twitter, LinkedIn, or email us at hello@uxforms.com and see how we can make your forms better, together.



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