UX Forms and the Intellectual Property Office celebrate four successful years

Today marks the fourth anniversary of UX Forms’ relationship with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The IPO is responsible for the registration of trade marks in the UK, issuing patents and providing guidance on surrounding Intellectual Property rights. The IPO comprises three departments: trade marks, registered designs and patents, and to give a sense of scale, there were over 95,000 trade mark applications last year, on top of 25,000 design applications, and more than 20,000 patent applications.

IPO’s office in Newport, Wales

A new strategy to improve outcomes

The IPO’s strategy changed to be cloud-first, and replace bespoke, in-house solutions with existing services. UX Forms was the first partner in the new approach.

Empowerment and enablement

“As a result of four successful years working together, UX Forms underpins 14 webforms across all IP Rights. Those forms have processed over 455,000 submissions, and the forms in total have been used over 44 million times.”
— Ian Welsh, Technical Service Owner, IPO

Here’s to four more years of success!

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