UX Forms and the Intellectual Property Office celebrate four successful years

IPO’s office in Newport, Wales

A new strategy to improve outcomes

In 2016, when UX Forms and the IPO first engaged with one another, there were 54 trade mark-related forms. Only nine were available online — with the rest paper-based. The IPO’s drive to improve their online forms was propelled by their desire to provide a better service to customers, whilst reducing the high cost of change. There was also a lot of manual testing, which added longer lead times as well as increased risks of human error. Lastly, the underlying technology was becoming moribund — excluding some modern browsers and lacking responsiveness on new mobile devices.

Empowerment and enablement

UX Forms helped the IPO’s team replace the nine online forms, whilst providing mentoring on how to use the software themselves. Over the last four years, the IPO has gained up to x10 capacity, replaced brittle systems with a versatile and proactive approach, and mitigated the pressures of unpredictable spikes in demand.

Want to know more?

Come have a look around https://uxforms.com, follow UX Forms on twitter, LinkedIn, or email us at hello@uxforms.com and see how we can make your forms better, together.



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