How many validation errors are too many?

Continuing without entering anything reports errors from both constraints

Easily show only the first validation error

Today we‘re pleased to announce the release of a new constraint that can be used to wrap any number of other constraints and will report only the first validation failure. It’s called FirstOnly and can be used like this:

Continuing without entering anything reports the error from only the first constraint
Continuing after entering text that is not a number reports the error from only the second constraint

How to upgrade

To pick up this new constraint you’ll need to upgrade your form to use at least version 15.18.1 of our uxforms-dsl, either directly in your form’s build.sbt or instead by upgrading to at least version 2.5.1 of our sbt-formdefinition-plugin which can be found in project/formdef.sbt.

Should I show one or many validation errors?

We don’t know. Only you and your users can know that. Instead UX Forms gives you the tools to make the choices that are right for you, rather than the ones that are right for us.

Want to know more?

Come have a look around, follow UX Forms on twitter, or email us at and see how we can make your forms better, together.



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