• Patrick O’Malley

    Patrick O’Malley

    Blog on product learnings and lessons from Patrick O’Malley, CPO @ www.outsourcinghub.nl

  • George Xanthos

    George Xanthos

  • Kathleen Collier

    Kathleen Collier

  • Maggie Mishinova

    Maggie Mishinova

    Finland-based UX designer, passionate about humans, errors, technology, data visualization and entrepreneurship. Also loves Finland a lot.

  • Adam Berecz

    Adam Berecz

    On a mission to make work more efficient for millions of developers 💥

  • Paola Rico

    Paola Rico

    UX Design

  • Chase Buckley

    Chase Buckley

    UX Unicorn / Design Evangelist / Future-Forward Code-Ninja / Usability Prophet — Director of User Experience at BART

  • Katie Coleman

    Katie Coleman

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