Cutout rocket ship with scrunched up post-it notes, signifying launching or boosting an idea
Cutout rocket ship with scrunched up post-it notes, signifying launching or boosting an idea

Introduction: All the pieces matter

Web forms allow users to share information with an organisation in a structured way, be it placing an order, making a request, or even offering an opinion. Good forms create positive relationships between the form maker and those filling it in.

On the flip side, complex and confusing web forms create negative experiences, with significant consequences. Some statistics bear this out:

When building a new web form, you won’t find the perfect solution first time. That’s why we always urge our partners to test their ideas with users, so that feedback can be gathered quickly and easily, and any problems solved efficiently.

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The best way to collect actionable feedback is to make your ideas real — but that doesn’t mean investing upfront in a fully Production-ready form. You start with a prototype.

However, some webform building tools have made it harder than it should be to move from prototype to production. Indeed, the process often involves two completely separate tools, and negotiating the jump between them means delays, and avoidable costs. In our opinion, you should not have to throw away all the work that goes into building a good prototype when moving to your final, user-facing webform.

Here’s how the team at UX Forms solved this problem. …

To Build, or to Buy, that is the question…

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In a recent blog post, Reda Hmeid talked about a common area for discussion when embarking on a new project for a client: “Should we buy, or should we build?”. Reda concluded that it’s rarely a question of build or buy — almost invariably it’s how best to build and buy.

Having talked about this principle in general terms, in this post we focus on the same question but for a specific component — forms.

Forms are a huge part of how we interact with the web. Sometimes it’s obvious (‘we’d love your feedback, please complete this questionnaire…’) but very often you won’t even be aware that you’re completing a form. …


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